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Washington State’s Payton “Dizzy.” Schindler is capable of it all. Getting his start in the industry primarily as a producer, Dizzy. gradually meddled into audio engineering, then later into songwriting for fellow artists before finally becoming an Artist of his own. From spacey melodic rap, to the likes of “Nose Up” featuring the popular artist Blueface, Dizzy’s range of production styles has earned the ears of many hiphop fans, and music of his own will surely do the same. 


Known for his catchy melodies and easy on-the-ears flows, the message of heartbreak and prosperity is pivotal to his own ever-growing sound. With it said that he makes his music from the ground up, he’s able to carefully sculpt feelings he desires while remaining true to himself and his roots. Being raised around the diverse musical taste his parents carried Dizzy was molded by the likes of Sublime, Blink-182, Akon, OutKast, and many, many more. Allowing him to indulge in, appreciate and later understand many different musical takes before cultivating a taste of his own.

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